Have you hit a roadblock in your affiliate marketing?

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Two months into my affiliate marketing journey, I did hit a roadblock. I spent hundreds in ads and had nothing to show for it. I was frustrated and discouraged. I kept searching the internet for ways to get passed it. Everything I tried failed!

Since starting in affiliate marketing, I had been receiving numerous friend requests. Let me tell you, that is the name of the game. One day, I decided to respond to one. When we began talking, all I could think about was, “Here comes the pitch…” He hit all my pain points, like I knew he would. I was just waiting for the for the price. When it came, it was exactly what I was expecting, a large price tag. He wasn’t pushy and was understanding of the fact that I needed to speak to my husband about such a large expenditure. After a few days, we spoke again, I paid him and we began working on my offer, my pitch, my presentation, everything.

Fast forward four months, I finally get my first sale. I was ecstatic! I kept working at it, got a few more sales, some even upgraded! That really put me into gear.

After awhile, I began coaching people on how to do what I had accomplished. I kept coming across people who just wanted someone to show them how to put everything they had learned into a functioning strategy. So, I became what they needed, a mentor, a coach.

Understand, that when working with a mentor or coach, you have to be receptive to what they are teaching you. In other words, be coachable. These are people who have already seen success. They want to help you reach that phase in your journey.

Things to watch out for:

  • People who GUARANTEE results. No one can guarantee you anything, as much as you would like them to. Everything is solely dependent upon YOUR efforts alone.
  • Boasting. These people will show you screenshots of large amounts of money. Some will be legit, but most are just gimmicks.
  • Pushy sales pitch. If you begin to feel pressured into buying their offer, chances are it’s a scam.
  • Talking in circles. This happens when you ask a question and the person will talk around the subject, but WILL NOT directly answer your question.

What you do want is:

  • Integrity. A person who truly wants to help you, will be very transparent and will tell you they cannot guarantee results.
  • Knowledgeable. This person will be able to explain the process to you intelligently.
  • Live interaction. Videos can only take you so far. Having an actual person that you can see and speak to is invaluable.

Mentorship can be a game changer. You must come to grips with the fact that you may have to pay to receive the help you need to move forward with your marketing.

Since you began, you have heard it said numerous times, “invest in yourself.” It will take an investment on your part of time, effort, and money to achieve greatness.

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To find a mentor, look no further. I can help you put it all together, and we’ll start with your social media profile. Why? Because when you start to run your ads or reach out to people, they are going to look at your profile to see what you are about.

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